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POS Peripherals

At Miami POS Systems, we have the best POS systems in Miami FL. Retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, convenience stores, liquor stores, pubs, spas, and other businesses depend on quick, accurate sales transactions. Our POS peripherals include everything from cash drawers and price guns, to customer displays and inventory tracking software.

  • POS software
  • POS barcode printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Receipt printers
  • Cash drawers
  • Price guns
  • LCD touch screen and flat screen monitors
  • POS PCs
  • Data collectors and inventory equipment
  • POS cables
  • Currency counters

POS Cash Registers

Smooth running cash registers mean quick sales and low wait times for your customers. At Miami POS Systems, we have registers in all price ranges for you to pick from. Some have sophisticated touch screen solutions (useful in the hospitality and restaurant industry), while others have rapid-scan barcode scanning technologies (suitable for liquor stores, grocery stores, and retail stores). We also offer affordable Miami POS supplies, including paper rolls, receipt ink cartridges, barcode labels, and related supplies.

Electronic Scales

From price computing scales, to portion control scales, to label printing scales, our scales are used by all types of companies to compute prices in delis, grocery stores, butcher shops, specialty shops, and other companies in the food industry. They are also used to print labels and price tags, including ingredient labels.

RegistWARE Point of Sale Software

From full inventory tracking, to credit card processing, to multiple price level capabilities, to Quick Books interface, RegistWARE offers the capabilities you need to keep your business ship shape. You can use it to create gift certificates, do bar code scanning, bar code printing, allow customers to pay on house accounts, or look up products. This full-service POS software system is affordable and customizable, making it the system of choice for millions of companies.

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